Manchester United bans players from Facebook

You’d think there wouldn’t be a bunch of twits better at social not-working than football players, but according to the Beeb, Manchester United Football Club has blown the warning whistle on players holding Facebook and Twitter accounts.

 Wanting football fans to know the score, Man U’s website has warned fans that any player profile they might stumble upon on Facebook is likely to be a poser. A posing poser that is.

 “The club wishes to make it clear that no Manchester United players maintain personal profiles on social networking websites,” antisocially says the website, adding “Fans encountering any web pages purporting to be written by United players should treat them with extreme scepticism.”

Although a Manchester U spinner told BBC News the club didn’t want “to stop players doing what they like within reason in their spare time,” they appear to prefer that their footballers spend quality time poking random slappers in nightclub toilets than throwing sheep at each other online. Yes Ryan Giggs, that means you.

It’s not just Facebook that worries the powers-that-be at Man U either. Twitter has apparently become something of a concern too, with some players mistaking status updates for a way to tweet about the status of their transfers instead.

Some, like the unfortunate Sunderland striker Darren Bent have already paid the penalty for such shenanigans.

While Manchester United claims its goal is not to ban players from using as many as 140 characters all strung together in the semblance of a sentence, it does appear the club is trying to defend itself from information leaks.

But whether or not the move will succeed, or be relegated to irrelevance remains to be seen.