Man sits in box for 30 days

Torturing Tim Shaw sounds like a lot of fun on paper but in practice, when his people have sorted it, it’s kind of a let-down. has put Fifth Gear presenter Tim Shaw in a tiny box in the name of a social experiment. His location is unknown, however viewers are encouraged to try to track down his exact whereabouts. We’re surprised the internet detectives at 4chan haven’t picked up on this – there’s a £30k prize reward for the first to spot him.

The idea is Tim is completely separated from human interaction or natural light, and is stuck inside his tiny wardrobe-sized box for 30 days unless someone finds him first. He gets exactly one meal a day and that’s it – so it’s kind of like Big Brother with only one ponce to hate on instead of the choice of 14.

So far Tim has talked to an egg called Collin, and pretended he has had a job interview. Mainly though we caught him sleeping and playing solitaire. Not once have we seen him poop.

The experiment is now being called the ‘Torture Box,’ though the phrase would seem more fitting to a telly perpetually looping the godawful Tim Shaw program “Extreme Male beauty,” forever.