Man kills himself online

In a bad day for humanity, a Japanese man killed himself while his online chums pressured him to do it.

The 24-year-old man, who lived in the northern city of Sendai, was found dead in his apartment on Tuesday morning by local police, who were finally notified by the online crowd, once they realised that he was not actually joking.

Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun said the man, who lived alone, had been on sick leave from his job since August. He had posted complaints about his work.

On Sunday the man began to broadcast images of himself on live streaming service Ustream on Sunday night, announcing his plan to kill himself.

Then on Tuesday he killed himself in his apartment about 5.30AM. The live broadcast received many messages with some web users encouraging him to kill himself quickly. Others did not believe he would kill himself and actually dared him to do it.

Ustream stopped the broadcast after 6AM on Tuesday, following reports from an increasing number of viewers, Yomiuri said. We guess his live feed was not that live any more and there was no longer anything to see.

It is not clear how long it took police to break down the door after that. The reports did not say how he killed himself.