Man gets caught threatening witness on Xbox Live

A man in his early twenties is said to have used Xbox Live to send threats to a witness after allegedly being caught red handed with drugs and a stolen gun in his car.

New Haven, Connecticut man Anthony Hayward, 23 and on a $75,000 bail, is said to have left threatening comments on the witness’ Xbox Live profile last December. According to court documents, says The New Haven Register, Hayward’s profile titled DiviouzAntLive sent a message that said “I wouldn’t laugh 2 much U a dead man walking,” in typically awful Xbox Live trash talking stylee.

Also on the Not-So-DiviouzAntLive’s profile was the witness’ adress, followed by the words “Rats die slow,” say authorities.

Hayward has given himself up to the feds yesterday morning and was promptly arrested on a warrant charging him with intimidating a witness, as well as second-degree harassment. It is yet to be confirmed whether the two were simply indulging in an intense series of Street Fighter 4 bouts. All will become clear when he shows up in court April 30 and faces the potential banhammer of the Judge.