Man discovers he is wanted for murder, by Googling

A man who was Googling his own name was shocked to discover that he was wanted for murder.

Bored University of Florida student Zachery Garcia was searching to see what was around on Google about him and found his driver’s licence photo.

It seems that Polk County Sheriff’s Office released his photo in connection to a September murder. It all came down to a quaint US law which means that if your mates are shot while you are in the process of a robbery, you can be done for murder.

On September 23, authorities say two teenage boys broke into a home in Davenport, while two other teens waited outside. Jose Oyola-Aponte shot and killed one of the burglars, 15 year old Otilio Rubio.

Inspector Knacker of the Polk County Yard said that because the death occurred during commission of a felony, all three surviving teens were hunted for murder. Coppers released a driver’s licence photo of Zachary Garcia claiming he was one of the teens “wot did it”.

However it turned out that Polk County are a bit dyslexic. The kid they arrested was a Zackery spelt with an E. So the driver’s licence picture was the innocent student who did not really look like the “murder” suspect.

Garcia said that he was very shocked to find his picture and an article saying that he was convicted of a felony murder charge.

He pointed out that everybody makes mistakes. After all he is is a part time waiter and might get somebody’s order wrong, however if you get the photo of a suspect wrong…”it’s not a sandwich, it’s somebody’s life you’re playing with.” Particularly in a society where people tend to shoot first and ask questions later

If you Google “Nick Farrell” you come up with the name of a Canadian boxer, a fact which lead Wikipedia to claim that I was knocked out during the Commonwealth Games.