LulzSec's Sun email cache threatens to topple News International

LulzSec public mouthpiece Sabu has made further claims about a cache of emails pinched from News International, though it will not be unleashing them just yet.

It seems that with the bung-taking English police being just about the last people that can be trusted to conduct an enquiry into NI’s phone tapping, a group of hunted hacktivists could be the best hope for finding out the truth.

In a revealing interview for the secretive hacktivist, it was claimed a Chinese server is currently holding around 4GB of emails stolen from the Sun.

Following a high profile raid on the paper’s server at the height of the hacking group’s fame, Sabu himself claimed on Twitter that a load of emails had been pinched.

Though this was not verified at the time, Sabu again claimed in an interview on Reddit that these emails, along with a host of others, are indeed in his possession.

However, “due to timing”, the media savvy group will not be releasing the emails just yet.

Sabu claims that there is also information which was taken from HSBC and other banks, but there are “no smoking guns yet”.

Quite what Sabu is waiting for is unclear. Whether he will be behind bars when the time comes to release the emails is another matter for conjecture, particularly given a police operation to topple LulzSec.

Sabu claimed to be “past the point of no return”, saying that technically he is on the run and that it will be his “own friends” who will eventually take him down.

Ironically, the man who could potentially offer greater evidence in the corruption case against News International will likely get a longer sentence than any phone-tapping lackeys, should he be apprehended.

In the interview, there was a little more revealed about Sabu’s identity, giving further credence to claims that he is a 30-something New Yorker of Puerto Rican origin.

TechEye approached News International for its response to Sabu’s claims from Sabu, though we were told “News International declined to comment”.

As to NI’s response about if criminally obtained information gathered by LulzSec should be allowed as evidence, a spokesperson would only say that “we are cooperating with the police on this issue”.