Lords of War learn from Google attack

As contracts from third world countries run by ruthless dictators start to run out, arms manufacturers are seeing that there is a lot of dosh in software security.

After Google’s recent hacks, Loren Thompson, a military policy analyst for the Lexington Institute told the LA Times that the Lords of War are seeing “gold in them thar hills”.

He said that cyber-security was shaping up to be a major growth opportunity for the defense industry.

Countries are starting to realise that for the last 20 years they have been shoving all their information into computers but have not yet worked out a way to defend themselves against foreign intrusion.

The military industry, having already done extensive work protecting federal government computers, may be in a good position to flog such software to companies.  These companies  are like Google whose prominence could make them the target of foreign spies.

Thompson said that the emerging market that could exceed $100 billion in revenue within ten years.

This comes about as Pentagon spending on weapons is expected to slow and military firms have to kill for new business.