Looney right wing Christians picket Twitter

A breed of religious loonies who are usually found picketing funerals of American soldiers killed overseas have taken it in their heads to defend Twitter from satanic liberals who apparently want it switched off.

The congregation of the Westboro Baptist Church, which show the love of Jeeesuus by screaming “God hates fags” at military funerals, have gone to picket the offices of social notworking site Twitter.

It is not clear if their Jeeesus God approves or disapproves of Twittering. It appears Jeeesus is in favour of twittering but Twitter itself seems to have offended him in some way. To Westboro baptists that means showing up with lots of “God Hates” banners.

The press release said that Twitter has a duty to God just like every other person to serve God and to use ALL their resources in their service to him”. It seems that they believe that Twitter should be an entirely religious organisation, but that is not clear either.

Certainly they believe that Twitter needs defending from Obama who they are convinced is the anti-Christ. According to Tweets from the picket line “Obama’s about to take away any/all resources like Twitter to serve him and his Antichristic agenda, so enjoy this freedom while it lasts a little longer.”