Library of Congress to archive every Tweet since March 2006

The Library of Congress has announced on Twitter that it will be archiving every public Tweet made since March 2006.

It goes to further prove that Twitter is a different case indeed compared to other ways of social networking and blogging. Many social media buffs have warned that often when something is posted to the world wide wibble it is here to stay, and Twitter is no different.

Now, should the Feds in the States want to know what you had for lunch on the 4th April 2008, it’s a very real possibility so better don those tinfoil hats right now.

Details are sketchy at the moment. At time of publishing, the only details on the project appear on the official Twitter page here. There are no announcements as to how the Library plans to take on the mammoth task, but we’ll keep you updated. For now, it’s worth keeping an eye on the Library of Congress’ blog, here,

In the twenty minutes since the world’s largest library posted the Tweet it has been reblogged over 100 times.