Lib Dems blast rivals in new online campaign

The Liberal Democrat Party has finally launched its online campaign for the upcoming UK elections.

The ‘Labservatives’ website claims to be from both the Labour and Conservative parties, with overlapping red and blue backgrounds. The logo resembles the old Labour symbol of the red rose, although this time in white, and its slogan is ‘For more of the same…’ The site looks as though it could also be 3D, if you had the right goggles.

The site highlights that for the last 13 general elections the UK have voted in either a Labour or Conservative Prime Minister. This, according to the site, has made these two parties complacent and there should be a change.

The figurehead of the site is a nightmare-ish mish-mash of Gordon Brown and David Cameron, called Gorvid Camerown.

“We’ve taken the first step on our unstoppable stroll to victory with the launch of a brand new advertising campaign,” Gorvid announces on the first post of the site. “But though our triumph may be inevitable, we’re leaving nothing to chance. Number 10 is where we belong. Besides, all our stuff’s there and the garden looks lovely at this time of year.”

The website also has a YouTube video of Gorvid laying out his ‘manifesto’ and some pictures of billboards with the Labservatives election pictures on. At the time of writing it is not known if these are mocked or genuine.

The campaign also has a twitter side, with both Gorvid and the Labservatives having accounts. There is also the opportunity for supporters of the campaign to add 3D glasses to their avatars.

The Labservatives seems to have been well met by the Lib Dem-ers on Twitter, the Labour and Conservative parties have not yet commented on it.