Labour is clueless about the Internet

The British Labour Party, which is forcing movie and recording industry laws through the Houses of Parliament before the election, is clueless when it comes to technology.

Proof that the government is the puppet of the big content industry has come in the form of a leaked memo from the Department of Skills and Innovation which has been responsible for pushing through a law to crucify filesharers.

The memo was penned by to MP Emily Thornberry by DSI boss Stephen Timms which is supposed to explain how the movie and film industry need the law to make sure that they have arrested the right person.

However it is clear that Timms has been so brainwashed by the content industry that he thinks the term “IP address” stands for Intellectual Property Address. After all the content industry should have control of every Intellectual Property address shouldn’t it?

The memo says the new law means that the content industry can “capture information about the source, including the intellectual property address along with a date and time stamp.”

If this is just a slip of the pen, it means that Timms associates, at least unconsciously, everything on the world wide wibble to the movie and music industry. However if he is dumb enough to believe that IP stands for intellectual property he must be happy to hand control of the Internet to big content bodies.

Unfortunately voting the bozzo out in May will not do much. The Tories also want the same law bought into place. In fact they said it was not strong enough. They said that the law was an “Amstrad” and they wanted an “iPod“. In other words, something that was out of date, over controlled, expensive to run and has limited choice.