Labour further screws up digital strategy

Labour is further digging its own digital grave with a recent post on its official website photoshopping Tory beer-drinker William Hague’s face into a wheelchair.

None of the parties, as we mentioned yesterday, have had the foresight to take digital and social media very seriously. Unfortunately for Labour, one of its website admins has put up an image pasting William Hague’s face onto the wheelchair bound body of Matt Lucas in one of his Lou and Andy ‘Little Britain’ sketches.

A screengrab of the post, first tweeted by @henrymacrory,  has been spreading like wildfire all over Twitter. Some speculated at first that it is a wind-up by anti-Labour activists, however, visiting the official Labour website it is up in plain view for all to see. We must point out that Henry is currently head of press at the Conservative party, so this post must be like Christmas to him.

Predictably, Daily Mail commenters have been going nuts over the post, which many claim is Labour ‘sinking to a new low’.

We imagine that the post wasn’t intentionally offensive, but instead designed to go off the back of Little Britain’s huge popularity in the UK. While Labour has most definitely shot itself in the foot by posting this on its site, we at TechEye are taking a different perspective. Instead, Labour has exposed how inherently offensive, in the worst possible sense, and without humour, Little Britain the show is – why on earth is it acceptable to make fun of easy targets on a BBC-funded sitcom, but then not by a government? The answer is, it’s not acceptable either way.

Here is a screengrab of the offending article with URL bar in tact.