KKK bloke is sicko Facebook vandal

The Ku Klux Klan is behind a string of sicko Facebook vandalisations of dead people tribute pages.

Senior clanman Jarred Hensley, 28, from Cincinnati, Ohio, bragged of his involvement in the plan to a website chat room used by his group to deface Facebook tribute pages.

The group was involved in vandalising the pages of Cameron Lowe, 17, who died after being punched in the head, and Chantelle Rowe, 16, from Kapunda, north of Adelaide. Chantelle and her parents, Andrew and Rose Rowe were murdered.

Hensley was involved in a plan to harass grieving family members through private messages and published obscene images on the tribute pages.

While Facebook has removed the images and banned the users responsible – the group is safe from prosecution because they live in the US.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, two Aussies managed to find there way into a forum where the vandals congregate. They baited Hensley on the chat room and he appeared there on webcam to give them the finger.

Knowing that he was safe from prosecution, he proudly told him his name and KKK affliations. Clearly, looking at his picture, he takes his KKK stuff seriously, although for some reason is doing the Nazi salute with the wrong hand. 

In 2006, Hensley was arrested after beating up a 16-year-old US boy of Panamanian-Indian descent, Jordan Gruver. He served two years in jail.

At the time Hensley was the Klan “grand titan” in Ohio, making him the group’s second-highest ranking KKK official in the state.

He has a Facebook and MySpace page and is pictured in his MySpace profile picture with a young, smiling child who we guess will grow up into a world without racial bigotry.