Justin Bieber's Facebook page banned

Justin Bieber’s Facebook page has been banned, resulting in mournful cries from teenage girls everywhere and cheers of celebration from everyone else.

But it’s not that Justin Bieber, it’s the other one, the one that Facebook believes simply cannot exist in this world where no one shares the same name.

A middle-aged man from Jacksonville, Florida, who collects pinball machines, happens to have had a family name of Bieber and parents who quite liked the name Justin. For this monstrous crime, which is clearly an infringement of the music star’s identity, this man is no longer allowed have a Facebook profile in his own name.

“I guess their policy is ban first, ask questions never,” Bieber said, responding to Facebook’s accusation that he is a fake. He had been on Facebook for six months and then his account was suspended with no warning or subsequent information, despite the fact that he has had the name for decades more than the music star.

Many people have created fake accounts over the years, impersonating celebrities or public figures, an issue which Facebook has dealt with before with bans.

Bieber said that he has been mistaken for the pop idol before, being forced to change his number due to countless calls from Bieber fans. He has never complained about the attention, however, as the mixup has not caused him much bother until Facebook banned his account.

Now when you search for Justin Bieber on Facebook it brings up hundreds of results, all of which relate to the singer, and none that allow you to be friends with an almost famous pinball collector.