Julian Assange's German lawyer wants Wikileaks data back

Wikileaks‘ lawyer in Germany, Johannes Eisenberg, has demanded Daniel Domscheit-Berg hand back all the data he took away, or else!

Domscheit-Berg is also accused of defensive maneuvering on his part by stating Wikileaks can’t keep the data safe, secure, shielded and under lock and key, or, simply put, stowed away from the prying eyes of third parties who would like to take a peek.

In a letter released by German news outlet Der Spiegel, Eisenberg says “the material is naturally safe with Wikileaks. Wikileaks is able to function. Wikileaks is able to keep the material safe and to release it.”

Daniel Domscheit-Berg said yesterday Wikileaks had not been able to keep its data safe, which is why he and other dissenters took it along when they left.

Excerpts from his book “Inside Wikileaks”, revealed by Cryptome.org, provided some insight. Domscheit-Berg writes software developed by a programmer, internally called “The Architect,” which was snatched from Wikileaks – leaving it in tatters.

Eisenberg claims Domscheit-Berg never, ever said he stole data leaked to Wikileaks to keep it safe. While acknowledging Domscheit-Berg had previously declared he would hand it back, Eisenberg says he withheld the data despite Assange asking a couple of times to hand it back.

He says Domscheit-Berg finally refused to comply in September last year. The lawyer adds the leaks were forwarded to Wikileaks, not Domscheit-Berg. 

Eisenberg is threatening to take Domscheit-Berg to court over the whole affair. Julian Assange has also trusted Eisenberg to take action against the supposed slander and nasty lies Domscheit-Berg is spreading, meaning the latter’s book publisher might find its wallet empty.