Jonathan Ross reveals Natal release day

Microsoft’s Project Natal motion control tech is expected to be launched in October after telly ‘personality’ Jonathan Ross tweeted about using it.

After using the new technology at a secret Microsoft demo with his family, Ross posted some thoughts on Twitter.

“OK. Before bed. Natal on Xbox impressive. Not quite there yet I think but they have ’til october and if they get it right… sky’s the limit,”

Project Natal involves motion sensors connected to the gaming console letting the user wave their arms and legs about to interact with what’s happening on screen.

You can see Ross’ efforts here, filmed by his son, although it is unclear what game he is flailing his limbs at.

“They say that by release all lag issues will be resolved and response time should be nearly instant,” reads some pop-up text.

Until now Microsoft has only said that it will be released for a ‘holiday’ in 2010. Now it appears to be in time for the Christmas market.

Andrew Sachs was unable to comment on the story, but TechEye has left him a message…