Japanese coast guard in hot water over YouTube video leak

A Japanese coast guard officer has resigned after he was found to be behind uploading a video of a collision  on YouTube.

Masaharu Isshiki had been suspended for a year for uploading the video showing the crash between a Chinese fishing trawler and two coast guard vessels. However, he decided to cut his losses and resigned from the service.

He’s not the first to be caught doing this with coast guard officers in the past having been caught out and punished. Even the chief of the entire agency.

But if Isshiki thought he’d get away with it by cutting his losses he’ll be disappointed. He’s also cropped up on the radar of the police who are now looking to prosecute him over a possible breach of confidentiality obligations, as Tokyo attempts to repair ties with Beijing over the maritime crash.

The collision took place near the disputed but uninhabited chain of islands known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China. Japan’s arrest of the trawler’s captain kicked off a huge range of of protests from Beijing that continued after Tokyo released him. The video was feared to spark further feuding.