Jacko kids targeted by MJ fan hacker

A ghoulish hacker targeted Michael Jackson’s children talking on webcams and leaked the videos on YouTube.

The leak appeared on French language fansite KingofPop-Kids.com. It’s not known who is responsible for the video leaks, though the admin of the site said Jackson fans were behind them. After MJ died last year it was one of his wishes to keep his kids, Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II out of the spotlight.

Michael Jackson’s flip-flopping dad Joe Jackson said that the family was upset by the leak, although the Sydney Morning Herald reports that soon after Jacko’s death he thought it would be a great idea to put the kids in a Jackson 3 group and send them on a world tour. Because that worked out so well in the past.

The clips show the kids messing about on camera. One includes Prince Michael II mucking about with his cousin with a “pretend lightsabre.” That’s a good job, because real lightsabres are very dangerous. There are no reports circulating that it was a video response to Star Wars Kid on YouTube.