IXS sued for nicking website

Aussie Popular beat combo INXS is being sued by an Internet company for $2.8 million, claiming that the company surrounding the band nicked a design for a lucrative INXS website.

According to AP,  Robert Manning and Stephen Allende claim that they came with the idea in 2003 and pitched it to the band and its manager, David Edwards.

Edwards and the band liked the concept and told them to keep working on the website that promoted big brands to fans and allowed them to download songs, ringtones and video music clips.

The “Original Sin” came about as they were close to signing a sponsorship agreement with Telstra when Edwards said we don’t “Need You Tonight” and the plug on the project. Then the band then created a similar site the following year.

Manning says their business plan was confidential and that Edwards and the band should not have developed it without their permission.

INXS and Edwards said that the plan was not confidential and does not think that they have to share the profits they are telling the pair to “Just Keep Walking”

Allende and Manning had planned to launch their site before the 2005 TV show Rock Star: INXS. It was watched by 15 million people and resulted in the selection of Canadian singer, JD Fortune, as a frontman to replace Michael Hutchence who died in a bizarre masturbation accident.