IvyBean104, the world's oldest Twitterer, has passed on

The world’s oldest Twitterer, @IvyBean104, has joined the great failwhale in the sky, passing away quietly in her sleep this week.

Ivy, who had about 56,000 followers for being both old and charming, would Tweet about her cats and what’s for dinner. She lived at a residential home, Hillside Manor, in Bradford. Followers would regularly send her treats like chocolates and she was good friends with British pop star Peter Andre, who Ivy was a big fan of. 

Apparently Peter Andre had been in touch with her every day since she fell ill.

The staff have been posting from Ivy’s Twitter account in recent days and have been sneaking her in nice food, particularly fish and chips. The last Tweet before her bout of illness was announced was:

“Ivy is sat eating her fish and chips its great to have her back home”

One of Ivy’s last Tweets was:

“Oh what a loverly day this is i have had a big bunch of flowers sent from lesly in australia they are loverly thank you very much.”