ITU wants to set standard for cloud computing

The International Telecommunications Union has started a new group called the Focus Group on Cloud Computing in an attempt to formalise standards in cloud computing.

The new group will collaborate with worldwide cloud computing communities in research institutes, fora, academia, etc., with four key areas it plans to cover.

The first is to identify potential impacts on standards development and priorities for standards needed to promote and facilitate telecommunication/ICT support for cloud computing.

Ths second is to investigate the need for future study items for fixed and mobile networks in the scope of ITU-T.

The third is to analyse how interoperability can be assured in telecommunication/ICT support for cloud computing.

The fourth is to familiarize ITU-T and standardisation communities with emerging attributes and challenges of telecommunication/ICT support for cloud computing.

The ITU highlighted the rapid growth in cloud computing as one of the main reasons for setting up this new group.

“Cloud is an exciting area where there are a lot of protocols to be designed and standards to be adopted that will allow people to best manage their digital assets,” said Malcolm Johnson, director of the ITU’s Telecommunication Standardisation Bureau.

The new Focus Group plans to update the living list of standards bodies, fora and consortia dealing with aspects of cloud computing, gather new ideas relevant to and identify potential study areas to support cloud computing, collect visions and value propositions for cloud computing in terms of telecommunication, provide terminology and taxonomy for cloud computing, analyse telecommunication networking requirements functions and capabilities to support cloud computing services and applications, and identify potential impacts on standards development. Blimey.

The group will host its first meeting on the 14th of June and plans a presentation of the first draft of its deliverables, which covers much of its objectives, at the TSAG meeting 8-11 February 2011.

The ultimate aim is a fully standardised system of cloud computing working globally. This may be easier said than done, considering the divergence of opinion and approach in the field.

TechEye has asked for comment from a number of cloud computing services and will update you as we get them.