IT managers have doubts about the cloud

It seems that despite top firms such as Dell, Hewlett Packard and IBM pinning their hopes on cloud computing, businesses are perhaps not quite as willing to have the cloud foisted on them just yet.

According to a poll by Kapersky Labs, IT managers are mainly anxious about releasing highly secure information into the ether for the supervision of third party cloud operators, with 62 percent citing security fears as a stumbling block to them taking up the services.

Of course HP would have you believe that a hybrid approach will allay some of these fears by only storing a portion of info via the cloud, but the research undertaken with YouGov showed that less than half of businesses involved are planning to even take up the technology, which we are constantly reminded is the exciting future of data management.

As well as security fears, 60 percent were also worried about data protection, while a lack of regulation means that 26 percent of IT managers are hesitant in handing their private info over to complete strangers, though we hear that IEEE is currently working to resolve exactly that problem.

In fact almost one in five were adamant that they would not be using the cloud, not matter how much the big names plan to pour into it, while almost a quarter had not even considered the services, thinking that clouds were merely those white floaty things that planes fly through.

And with 79 percent of the IT managers asked working for large scale firms with one thousand plus employees, it is a blow for uptake in the UK, at least.