Is Bradley Manning being tortured?

Allegations are flying around on Twitter that Bradley Manning, the incarcerated whistleblower accused of leaking material showing the USA’s wrongdoings in the Middle East, is being tortured.’s Glenn Greenwald twittered “a major story brewing is the cruel, inhumane treatment – torture – to which Bradley Manning is being subjected”. According to Greenwald, more is to be revealed later.

Manning is currently holed up in a military prison where conditions are bound to be very harsh. His superiors might see view his actions as treason, giving him an especially rough time.

Nonetheless, any unjust and unfair treatment of Bradley Manning will cause an outcry around the world and damage the image of the USA even further. An interesting question is whether the treatment of Manning might jeopardise a case the US brings against him.

Meanwhile, Julian Assange is being held in Wandsworth Prison, where he is apparently subject to “the most ridiculous censorship,” as The Guardian quotes his lawyer Mark Stephens. Assange is not allowed to watch TV, use the library or read magazines – a complimentary copy of Time Magazine featuring his noggin on the front page was even destroyed by prison staff.

On top of it all, he’s being observed by CCTV around the clock, subjugating him to worse treatment than Germany’s Baader-Meinhof gang received at Stuttgart Stammheim prison.

*Update Julian Assange has been released on bail according to He is on house arrest and must wear an electronic tag.