Iran tipped to switch off the internet

Iran has decided to completely disconnect the internet from the country and launch its own “clean” alternative.

According to Ars Technica the plan is that Iran will institute a nationwide intranet that would be isolated from the regular internet and heavily regulated by the government.

We have reported on this plan before as it was first proposed in 2011, and is aimed at the great unwashed.

Elite users continue to have access to the standard internet. These would include banks, ministries, and big companies. The Iranian government is also said to be creating its own custom e-mail service and national search engine called Ya Haq.

If you want an e-mail account with Ya Haq, you have to register their identity with the government. It means that the government would be able to read all the e-mails sent and received.

The word from Iran is that the internet service will launch in August, but that was later denied by Iranian officials.

Iran is now denying that it intends to cut internet access inside the country at all, calling the report “completely baseless.” However, it might be that they thought they could get away without telling anyone. Certainly it has admitted that it was establishing a “national information network.”