Iran has had enough of the Internet

The glorious Iranian revolution has decided that the worldwide wibble is the tool of Satan and wants to disconnect it and set up the sort of network that the Prophet would have endorsed.

It appears that the people in power have decided that the Internet is too good a tool to be wasted on those who like to think and are planning to pull the country off the web.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Middle Eastern country plans to replace the web with its own nationally-run Internet, which would be as restricted as a sumo wrestler’s jockstrap.

The plan is being drawn up by the country’s communications ministry. The idea seems to have the backing of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatolla Ali Khamenei and will help further encourage a certain flavour of Islamic moral values on Iran’s people.

It will take two years for Iran’s government departments to be taken off the grid but about 60 percent of the country’s homes and businesses will be connected to their new net in much less time.

The urgency is caused by the wave of demonstrations and protests, commonly referred to as the Arab Spring, that swept across the Middle East and northern Africa, helped, in large part, using social media services like Facebook and Twitter.

Attempts by regimes to cut off Internet access to their citizens during the periods of protest and unrest failed badly.

We have commented on this before  but so far no one has pointed out how impossible it is to do.
Iran is a highly connected country with 11 per cent of the country users. Disconnection might miff many, but it should also be easyto avoid. Telephone and satellite connections will still be possible.

We are fairly sure that the technically literate will create a dark web that will render the whole government effort useless.

Not only that, a dark web will be harder to monitor and make it difficult for the authorities to police, thus making it counterproductive too.