Ipv6 adoption rocketing on t'Internet

To IP people standing in the wings, it might look like the adoption of Ipv6 is moving with all the speed of an aged snail doing its Tai Chi – apparently the number of domains that support the standard is up nearly 1,900 percent over the last year.

According to the USGovtech site, the government’s adoption of Ipv6 is gathering momentum.

The survey, conducted in October by protocol testing firm the Measurement Factory and sponsored by Infoblox, an automated IT network control “solution provider”, showed that just over a quarter of the part of the domain name hierarchy that can be delegated to others are supporting IPv6, as opposed to 1.27 percent in 2010.

One of the main reasons has been domain registrar Go Daddy’s adoption of Ipv6.

Tom Coffeen, IPv6 evangelist at Infoblox, said that one of the things he noted in Measurement Factory’s results is that one registrar could have the ability to move the needle in such a dramatic fashion.

Even if you took Go Daddy out of the equation entirely, the percentage of zones that support IPv6 increased more than twofold over 2010, to more than three percent.

Coffeen said that given that the number of IPv4 addresses were running out, things should start moving quickly, particularly with the big domain registrars that want to be competitive.

Small and medium-sized registrars have an advantage when it comes to IPv6 adoption as they can be more agile and make the change and support IPv6 fairly quickly, whereas larger registrars have to commit more time and resources to such a project.

Coffen said that everyone knew that IPv6 was happening, in fits and starts, and there will be a dramatic upward trend of IPv6 adoption over time.