IPTV may leave UK in the dark

Couch potatos looking forward to sitting in front of their tellies and watching IPTV may be sharing their pizza with a blank screen according to a new report by Point Topic.

IPTV has been touted as the way to access TV once the analogue signals are switched off in 2012. However Point Topic has warned that a huge 7 million people hoping to get their TV service over broadband after the digital switch-over will be left with a blank space.

Around 3.1 million households will rely solely on terrestrial and satellite systems for standard definition services because their connection is unable to cope with high-quality streaming video. This figure rises to 7.6 million homes for HDTV, which requires more bandwidth to deliver a high-quality service.

The research, which was undertaken in conjunction with digital TV data specialists Apogee, also suggests around 90,000 homes will be unable to receive either a terrestrial signal or broadband TV and will have to rely on satellite services.

Point Topic added: “The UK audience now has more choice than ever before but availability will be something of a postcode lottery.  Even for those out of reach of the full digital experience have a massively expanded set of options when it comes to their TV service.”