IP4 addresses have value

As the numbers of IPv4 addresses runs out, it is starting to look like companies which have a block number of them are sitting on a fortune.

The Canadian telco outfit Nortel filed for bankruptcy protection in 2009 and found that it was sitting on a block of  666,624 Ipv4 addresses.

Obviously anything involving the number 666 immediately attracted the interest of Microsoft which bought them for $7.5 million or $11.25 per IP address.

This was great news for Nortel’s creditors who will get cash for an asset which no one had considered was important.

But as the number of Ipv4 addresses becomes tight, and no one seems to be moving to IP6 quickly enough,  then the address value is likely to go up.

Our guess is that they will fast become a commodity with punters betting on their value on the stock exchange. That is unless someone can get the big telcos, government departments and web developers to rush to Ipv6 a bit faster.