Interweb creaks as Steve Jobs delivers tablet

And lo, thrice lo, it came to pass. Steve Jobs did delivereth his tablet unto man, and compared himself to Moses. And it is called the iPad, as predicted here too.

And the interweb looked on upon it and saw it was good. Well, not bad anyway. And lots of sites collapsed under the strain, because Steve Jobs was in profit and everyone considered him a prophet.

Etch a SketchAnd lo, although one of our writers described Jobs as a turtle-neck wearing t***  who gave people who wear turtlenecks a bad name, many sites did creak under the force of the Lord God and his chief saint, Steve Jobs from Cupertino.

And the hacks they did all think why are we wasting our time bringing the interwibble down when there are more important things going on.

But the Lord said. It is good, even if it isn’t godly. And may all the dissenters enter hell. Immediately.