Interpol wants to arrest Wikileaks boss

Just when Wikileaks is in the news rather a lot lately, Interpol has issued a Red Notice for the arrest of WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange.

A Red Notice is an international wanted poster seeking the arrest of a fugitive, with an eye towards extradition. Assange is currently in Blighty and is expected to be arrested and extradited.

Assange has been fighting a rear guard action against staff within Wikileaks who felt that he should have stepped down until the allegations against him were dealt with.

They feared that the case would distract the media from all the leaked material he was about to put out from leaked US diplomatic cables. Some Wikileaks staff and volunteers left, including the bloke who looked after the site.  It looks like they may have been right.

A Swedish judge on November 18 ordered Assange “detained in absentia” to answer questions in a rape, coercion and molestation investigation in Stockholm.

A court approved an international arrest warrant, at which point Sweden reportedly applied to Interpol for the Red Notice. Assange’s lawyer appealed the detention order but lost. Assange filed a new appeal Tuesday to the Swedish Supreme Court.

The charges relate to sexual encounters Assange had with two women during his August visit to Sweden. The encounters began as consensual, but turned non-consensual, it’s alleged. One woman said Assange ignored her appeals to stop when the condom broke.

Assange has denied any wrongdoing, and hinted that the complaints are the result of a US “smear campaign”.  This has lead some Wikileaks fans to investigate the background of the women making the allegations.

Assange’s British lawyer counsel Mark Stephens told Wired  that his client repeatedly offered to cooperate with local investigators while he was in Sweden, and has offered to answer questions remotely from Britain.

However, all of these offers have been flatly refused by a prosecutor who is  insisting that he return to Sweden at his own expense to be subjected to another media circus that she will orchestrate.