Internet users feel powerless to save their privacy

big-brother-1984If you wonder why people seem happy to hand over their data to evil corporates who plague them with advertising, it is because they have completely given up trying to fight it.

A new study, penned by the University of Pennsylvania that internet users are unhappy with the way their privacy is undermined by advertisers and online companies, yet feel there is nothing they can do about it.

Part of the issue is that marketing companies like to present an image of customers who are happy to hand over personal information in return for certain benefits. But the study suggests that people don’t want to hand over their data they just don’t want to waste their lives trying to stop personal data from being exploited.

In a report with the catchy title “The Tradeoff Fallacy — How Marketers Are Misrepresenting American Consumers And Opening Them Up to Exploitation”.

The report said that internet users are aware of the way things work. They know that they are being used and, while they may not be entirely ‘OK’ with it.

The realisation that there is little point in fighting the system has kicked in, and the mindset has now changed to something more along the lines of “well, if you can’t beat the system, you might as well get what you can from it”.

However this does not mean that they actually want this, which is why Americans look at European privacy laws with some envy. It also means that EU law makers can look at Google based reports which claim that people are happy with the tradeoff with some scientism.

It is worthwhile pointing out that these are the same people who told us that spam should not be banned because people actually wanted adverts in their in tray.