"Internet use disorder" studied

A leading team of shrinks is investigating if “internet-use disorder” is real and if it should be included in a worldwide psychiatric manual.

It has been suggested that kids who are addicted to using electronic devices 24/7 should be diagnosed with a serious mental illness.

Mike Kyrios, Professor of Psychology told the Sun Herald  that with kids, gaming is an obvious problem. But, overall, technology use could be a potential problem.

Shrinks argue video game and internet addictions share the characteristics of other addictions, including emotional shutdown, lack of concentration and withdrawal symptoms if the gadgets are removed.

This can have a devastating impact for children and families as social interaction and even food are neglected in favour of the virtual worlds.

The move to include”internet-use disorder” is part of the Australian Psychological Society’s submission to the international manual, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV). This is the shrink’s “bible” and when it is revised in May it will include internet-use disorder as a condition ”recommended for further study” in its revised edition in May next year.

Of course this means in the US that children could be over-treated and even medicated for playing computer games. It seems that everything in the US involves expensive medication – apparently it is easier than than just clipping kids around the lugholes and telling them to stop being such spoilt brats.