Internet speed report contradicts Ofcom's average

Akamai has released its internet Q1-2010 report, which contradicts the average speed connections reported by Ofcom yesterday.

In its report the company, claims to deliver 20 percent of global online traffic, said  the average UK broadband internet connection speed during Q1 was 3.8MB, compared to Ofcom’s recorded 5.2Mbps.

It also found the fastest average maximum UK speed stood at 12.3MB, while Ofcom said its May figures show an average max of 11MB.

However, global internet speeds tell a different story, with the company finding that the average connection here was around 1.7MB.  The South Koreans have the best speeds with an average of 12MB. The company said it had also recorded the highest average maximum connection speed, at 33MB.

Hong Kong came in second with an average speed of 9MB, followed by Japan, which showed an average of 7.9MB. Romania and Latvia also didn’t do too badly with average speeds 6.3MB while Sweden recorded 6.2MB and the Netherlands 6MB. The United States came in 16th with an average speed of 4.7MB.

During the first quarter this year, the 96 polled countries had average connection speeds below 1 MB, a level consistent with the prior quarter. However Akamai measured average connection
speeds below 100 Kbps in five countries in the first quarter. The lowest average connection speed was in Mayotte, at 40 Kbps.

In the first quarter of 2010, average measured connection speeds on mobile broadband network providers around the world ranged from 7.2MB, down to 0.1MB. Of the 109 mobile network providers listed in the report, 35 achieved average connection speeds above 1MB. In the UK the average speed tended to range from 1-2MB, although one network claimed 3.7MB.