Internet smear campaign forces head to quit

A headteacher was forced to quit after an internet campaign was mounted against her for packing off the class pet sheep to the meatworks.

Andrea Charman was subjected to abuse on the internet after her decision, and nearly 2500 people signed an online petition demanding that she should be sacked from her post at Lydd Primary School in Romney Marsh, Kent.

The sheep was hand reared by kids and given a name. However the school, which is in a farming area, defended the slaughter, saying it would educate children about the food cycle.

Animal lovers who feared that it would give children the idea that animals actually died to make their chops complained that it was ”heartless” for the children to be allowed to hand-rear the sheep, give it a name and then learn that it was to be sent to an abattoir. After all it is important children be kept in ignorance about where their food came form and hate what they eat.

More than 650 people joined a Facebook group entitled Ban Andrea Charman from Teaching Anywhere.

Michael Howard, the local MP and former Conservative Party leader, said the campaign against Charman had forced her to quit.

He said that a campaign of vituperation was started on the internet, and, in particular, on Facebook, directed at Charman personally.

The relentlessness of this campaign, which included threats of violence, which has proved the final straw for Charman and she decided the campaign is interfering with her ability to run the school, so she has decided to leave.’

Howard more or less said that Charman was an excellent head teacher who had basically suffered from an online lynch mob.

Ironically although there were plenty of “outraged unnamed parents” who complained about the move. Charman said at the time that pupils had voted to sell the lamb to raise money to buy more animals.

The cull was backed by the school council, the staff, the governing body and most parents.

We guess that those who objected were those who insisted that farming is evil and everyone should eat freshly mown grass.