Internet Explorer use falls

Microsoft’s Internet Exploder is fast becoming the Netscape browser of the 21st Century.

According to figures from NetApplications, the numbers of Internet users around the world using Microsoft Internet Explorer continued to decline in April, as it has for 10 of the past 12 months.

The overall global usage share for all versions of IE fell from 55.92 percent in March to 55.11 percent in April.

IE 9, which released in March, has been doing well, particularly amongst users of Windows 7. Last month its usage share among Windows 7 users has doubled, from 3.6 percent to 7.5 percent.

It was 9.95 percent on the last day of April.

However those who are using older versions of Windows and other operating systems are defecting to the competition.

But the same problem seems to be affecting Firefox which has also seen its use declining.from 21.8 percent in March to 21.63 percent in April.

NetApplications said that the new kids on the block are Google’s Chrome browser. The heart of its forthcoming Chrome operating system, saw its global usage share rise from 11.57 percent in March to 11.94 percent in April.

Apple’s Safari browser useage increased from 6.61 percent in March to 7.15 percent in April. The reason for the increase had not been on the desktop, but on Mobile Safari. This is thanks to the growth of the iPhone and iPad.