Internet Explorer back from the dead

After been written off in the war between Firefox and Chrome, it appears that Internet Explorer is making a comeback.

According to figures from Net Market Share, for the second time in three months, Internet Explorer made large gains, picking up almost one percentage point of market share. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari all lost ground as Internet Explorer 9 won over new users.

The figures show how Internet Explorer gained 0.99 points for a 53.88 percent market share, taking it to a six month high.

Suffering was Firefox which is down 0.37 points to 20.55 percent. This is the worst that the browser has been since October 2008. Chrome fell to 18.57 percent. Apple’s Safari is down 0.17 points to 5.07 percent, and Opera also fell, dropping 0.09 points to 1.62 percent.

The figures fly in the face of previous announcements from web analytics firm StatCounter which claimed that Chrome had overtaken IE for the first time ever in March.

StatCounter measures raw pageviews and does not take into account corrections for pre-rendering, or count unique visitors to a page.

It seems that IE9 has gained 2.6 points of share in the last month. IE 8 fell by almost the same amount, dropping by 2.19 points. IE 7 dropped a fraction, down 0.09 points, and the much maligned IE 6, which even Microsoft wants dead, picked up 0.66 points.

The figures indicate that IE 8 users are switching to Internet Explorer 9 with 34.5 percent of Windows 7 users going for the new browser.

Microsoft has been promoting Internet Explorer 9, suggesting people should give it a second chance. Microsoft has been moving IE7 and 8 users onto the latest version using automatic updates.

Chrome appears to be doing well. Firefox continues to have a large number of users on version 3.6 and below, who are not upgrading.