Internet attempts to rename sewer service after Fred Durst

Here’s more proof that social media can be used for the greater good. While regimes have been toppled, political resistance organised and freedom of information maintained through services such as Twitter, a campaign has launched to rename Austin, Texas’ “Solid Waste Services Department” to the “Fred Durst Society of the Humanities and Arts”.

Fred Durst, 40, is best known for his role as red capped embarrassing frontman in late-90s nu metal shame Limp Bizkit, a band that had hits with a cover of George Michael’s Faith and songs about breaking things. The campaign started when forums moderator Abey Sinclair stuck a thread to the top of the Something Awful Forums.

He says: “It’s been a long time since we’ve had an opportunity to exercise our voting privileges. Let’s be honest, ever since we made Hope and Change a reality and ended racism & poverty in America forever, we’ve sort of been resting on our democratic laurels. Meanwhile, there are institutions in this world that would really benefit from our cult-like fervor & support.

“Goons, let me draw your attention to the humble city of Austin, Texas, where they are struggling with a by-product very near and dear to our posting: solid waste.

“Now, I know what some of you may be thinking – that opening up a democratic process to the general Internet is not a very good idea. Granted, the Internet is horrible at nomenclature, and if this contest got out there, it’s possible that none of the recommendations would be taken seriously.

“We need to vote for a name that takes Debris & Hubris very seriously. A title that informs everyone that Austin takes sanitation very seriously, while providing tribute to the greater causes of waste.

“We need to vote for Fred Durst.”

So far the project has gone viral on Facebook and elsewhere, with 6,225 votes to date. Voting is easy: sign in with your Facebook account or similar and the City of Austin offers you three votes. The SA Forums suggest you use all of them.

Some comments read: “I have a red cap full of used coffee grounds saved for the officiation,” “This is what is needed for the future of Austin, the future of Texas and the future of the united states of america. god bless you all,” and “Has anybody pointed out that “Durst” is an anagram for Turds?”.

One of Durst’s most famous ditties, “Break Stuff,” charmingly says: “I feel like s***, We’ve all felt like s***, And been treated like s***.” Endearingly fitting.

Fred Durst, who will not receive critical acclaim for his upcoming album “Gold Cobra,” has not yet commented. TechEye has made no attempt to contact his agent but welcomes a word from the Chocolate Starfish himself.

You can vote here.