Internet addicts break out of Chinese boot camp

A group of 14 detainees overcame their prison guard and broke out of a boot camp regime of physical training and psychological treatment designed to cure their internet addiction.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the kids staged a do or die mass breakout, grabbed a duty supervisor when he was in bed and trapped him in his own quilt.

While he shouted for help, they apologised and tied him up. Without false passports, or prison guard uniforms made out of jam, they then made their way in groups of three to the home town of the leader of the group.

The breakout was from Huai’an Internet Addiction Treatment Centre in eastern Jiangsu province.

Apparently they could no longer endure its “monotonous work and intensive training”. Just as well they did not work for Foxconn then.

It is the latest incident to highlight the sometimes brutal techniques employed at camps across China to wean young people off the internet.

The China Youth Association for Network Development estimates that about 24 million Chinese adolescents are addicted to the internet, many to gaming sites.

Apparently the kids were all rounded up. A taxi driver alerted police after the young men were unable to pay the fare.

Their parents were a little miffed too. They had paid 18,000 yuan (£1,830) for their children to receive six months’ treatment at the camp.

All but one has been returned. No one was shot trying to escape and no one made it to Switzerland on a motorbike. Kids of today… no staying power.