Intel tracks employees with Twitter

Intel doesn’t like TechEye very much. Not only have we insolent hacks managed to anger the powers that be with our impertinent questions about human rights practices in China, we’ve also managed to get the firm’s PRs all in a twatter over some banal twitterings.

Over the past few weeks, Intel PR bunnies seem to have been implanted with a special twittering chip, which tweets their whereabouts every time they set foot outside the big silicon doors.

“I’m at Fred Meyer – Beaverton (11425 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, OR 217, Beaverton).“, tweets one Intel Twerp. “I’m at Trader Joe’s – Lake Oswego (15391 SW Bangy Rd, at Alyssa Terrace, Lake Oswego).” tweets another.

As the SatNav updates on Intel’s wandering employees rolled in, this TechEye reporter got a tad snippy and snapped:

“Why do Intel PR women think we give a damn where the hell they are at any given moment?! ‘I’m at Trader Joe’s’ Yay for you! who cares?!”

Following that up with “and while I’m on the subject… shouldn’t they be at work??”

But it seems Intel found this all rather rude and abrasive, tut-tutting that there should be greater tolerance for a “healthy work/life balance.”

Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re all for work/life balancing acts and small chain supermarkets, but isn’t the whole point of Intel PR twitter feeds to actually broadcast the occasional bit of useful or interesting information?

Surely the bunnies could happily fill a non-Intel related Twitter account with their mindless Foursquare drivel, rather than broadcast to journos far and wide where they are currently buying milk.

Apparently the offending tweet also managed to spark an amusing string of internal Intel emails, asking the offending tweeter (light heartedly, of course) why she felt work hours were the best time to grocery shop.

After all, not all employees have the luxury of leaving their gilded cubes, like our favorite White Russian, who tweeted:

“Nick is in the office – but wishing he was at Trader Joes…”


Whatever next, Intel? Will you feel the urge to update us every time your employees go on a toilet break? Or track employee affairs?

“Eric and Kelly are in the broom cupboard chipping away again…” ?

What a load of twaddle.