India is the battle ground between WiMAX and LTE

A battle royal looks to be brewing in India with rumours that Infotel Broadband – part of Reliance Industries Ltd, will plump for WiMAX and reject TD-LTE for broadband wireless access to the 22 Indian telecom circles.

The reason is intriguing – while most of the 2.3GHz spectrum winners in India know that TD-LTE will be the ultimate winner, they want crores of rupees right now and even if WiMAX isn’t by any stretch of the imagination long term evolution, it is here, and now.

While the major semiconductor companies are gearing up to produce enough LTE ICs to satisfy the expected demand, most observers believe it will be some time before the infrastructure is ready.

Professor Gerhard Fettweis, at the Technische Universitat Dresden, told TechEye earlier this year that LTE is set to take off in 2012, and LTE Advanced in 2015.

India won’t want to wait until 2012, if reports are to be believed.

Reliance will probably play both WiMAX and LTE for what they’re both worth and, according to some observers, that’s exactly what Reliance and the rest will do – Samsung and Huawei have already acknowledged they’re prepared to put up with such a strategy in short term evolution (STE) rather than long term evolution (LTE).

The WiMAX equipment makers must be rubbing their hands in eager anticipation that they are going to be lakhy, lakhy, lakhy. Crore blimey!