India campaigns for UN-controlled internet

Those who believe that the end times are coming and we are all drifting to a One World Government controlled by the Illuminati will be getting their knickers in a twist over a move by the Indian government regarding the internet.

India’s idea is to move away to a purely government-run multilateral body that would relegate civil society, private sector, international organisations as well as technical and academic groups to the fringes in an advisory role.

According to Owl Watchers, that means that it will take control of the internet from the people and put it into the hands of the Illuminati backed foreign governments who are their puppets.

Their case has been strengthened by the fact that the proposal is gaining traction in the UK without any public consultation, despite the move impacting the country’s 800 million mobile and 100 million internet users.

India wants a forum called ‘Committee for Internet Related Policies’ (CIRP) to develop internet policies, oversee all internet standards bodies and policy organisations, and negotiate internet-related treaties. It would also rule on internet-related disputes.

The CIRP would be funded by the UN, run by staff from the UN’s Conference on Trade and Development arm and report directly to the UN General Assembly, which means it will be entirely controlled by the UN’s member states.

Tin foil hat wearers have a problem with the UN which smacks too much of a one world government, which they think is prophecised in the Book of Revelations and will be controlled by the anti-christ.

But the week point of their argument is that the internet is governed by a voluntary, multi-stakeholder group called ICANN or Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

ICANN is headquartered in California and the only government which has a say in its operations is the US. So, really, the internet is under US government control.

The Hindu newspaper claims that there is something more dark than the anti-christ afoot for India’s interest in controlling work carried out by ICANN.

It says that it will give a lot more government control over the internet. India has been worried about the internet after anti-government corruption campaigner Anna Hazare’s managed to gather large crowds at the Ram Lila grounds by using the internet and social media.

The problem with the Indian plan is not that it is a secret Illuminati plot, but more that it puts politicians – who no one trusts – in charge of the web.

As the Hindu points out, a 50-member inter-governmental process lodged within the UN bureaucracy, meeting once every year for two working weeks in Geneva, cannot really be useful for internet development.

Russia, China, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan have already indicated that they want government control over the internet.