Independent e-book publisher claims "ethical" deal

An independent publisher claims it will start offering e-books that give an ethical royalty rate to their authors and cheaper prices for customers.

The publisher, Ghostwood Books, will offer a 50/50 split of royalties between the publishing house and the author, significantly higher than that offered by many other e-book publishers.

Plans are to sell the e-books for around $5 each, though the publisher admitted that prices may be higher for certain eStores like Kobo and iBookstore which take a large chunk of the sale price.

This price model was chosen on the basis that most e-books are sold at high prices, closer to a hard copy than they should be. Agencies are attempting to get higher prices for e-books, something that Amazon has recently vowed against due to the negative impact it has on sales.

“What I’m not going to do is compromise one iota on quality,” said Tim Dedopulos, writer and head of Ghostwood Books. “eBooks have a bad reputation because they’re often not print-quality. Nothing I take on will be anything less than professional-grade fiction. I’m prepared to help develop books, and I’ll most certainly be editing them, but they have to be very good.”

Dedopulos is also offering his services as agent for would-be novelists in addition to publishing their works as e-books, creating an unusual agency/publisher hybrid. 

What this means is that while the books will be published electronically Dedopulas will attempt to flog them off to print publishers, using the e-book sales as leverage in securing a deal. He also promises advertising and a wide distribution of the e-books to secure such high sales.

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