In-flight wi-fi to become the norm

Americans are so used to wi-fi in-flight it won’t be long before the whole world demands it. 

Being out of contact with the world is unacceptable to the US passengers who can afford the connections on their air travels.  To Europeans and much of the rest of the world connecting in-flight is an unbelievable novelty. But, according to In Stat, the USA setting the trend means the rest of the world will follow.

In fact, In Stat believes that the revenues for in-flight connections should reach further than $1.5 billion in 2015. And the future won’t simply be offering a connection, airlines will be fighting to bring the best content and services to their passengers.

In the words of In-Stat, it won’t be a competitive differentiator. Like in the United States, it will become a competitive requirement.

There will be additional services that match trends in tech, too, such as video and voice . We imagine it’d probabyl be by way of a portal. If the airlines don’t get too greedy they’d be onto a winner, unlike Heathrow’s new-ish Boingo internet which costs a bomb and alerts your bank to scams.

And as we all know opening Reddit sinks hours from your life, it’ll make those Hong Kong trips fly by. Now all we need is planes you can smoke on.