IE8 is King of the Browsers

Microsoft’s IE6 is no longer the world’s most popular browser after a series of security scandals have lead to it being deleted from European machines.

IE 6 was the longest running, most popular browser, in history. But according to NetApplications its use has plummeted faster than a team of free falling elephants that  have forgotten to pack the key ingredient of their act.

Last month it was only installed on one in five of the world’s machines

The world leader is Internet Exploder 8 which is installed in 22.3 per cent of the global browser market in January 2010.

It took IE8 only took 10 months to become the global browser leader.

Even Microsoft will not be sorry to see this happen. It suffered the indignity of seeing the browser ordered off machines in the EU by the French and German governments.

The French issued an advisory to computer users, recommending that they switch to a different web browser, such as Firefox or Google Chrome. It follows a similar move by the German government, after it was discovered that Internet Explorer contained the serious security flaw that could be exploited by cybercriminals. The UK Government did not issue a similar warning.

Microsoft said that later versions of Internet Exploder were fine and users should upgrade.

In the latest browser statistics, Google’s Chrome grew its global share to 3.9 per cent – but is still a long way behind Firefox, which saw its share rise with Firefox 3.5, its latest version, and now accounts for 17.1 per cent of the market