iDrug hysteria becomes risible

The latest Daily Mail style hysteria is taking place down under as citizens get up in arms about MP3 soundtracks which claim to have the same effect as hard drugs.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, parents and educators are outraged that iDrugs are on sale legally through a website.

Called iDoses the “drugs” are binaural soundtracks which have been used since the 1960s to force the brain to enter different states of consciousness.

Apparently if you pay $2.75 you can get an MP3 track which has the same effect as heroin and if you splash out $199 you can “Open the Gates of Hades”.

The only problem is that there has been no proof that binaural soundtracks work. Sitting and listening to static for half an hour will force your brain into such states of boredom you will start imagining things but that is about it.

However, in the US the hint that something might be like drugs has sent school administrators into a frenzy. Some have written worried letters to parents and others have banned MP3 players from school grounds because of the drugs madness.

The Sydney Morning Herald quotes drug abuse experts as saying it is only a matter of time before the craze catches on worldwide.

The problem is not that iDoses work, but rather it creates a “drugs culture” which sees drugs as a cool thing to do.  However, what they fail to understand is that people who think that they are feeling a drugs hit from an iDose would not touch the real thing because that would be “dangerious” and their “mums would be horrified”.  They are the sort who drink light beers and pretend to get drunk.