Iceland's government warns of Wikileaks vendetta

Iceland’s government has warned one of its MPs not to travel to the US because the Land of the Free is about to engage on some wholesale arrests of those involved with Wikileaks.

Icelandic MP Birgitta Jónsdóttir says her lawyers have seen documents confirming that a grand jury investigation into Wikileaks’ whistleblowing is underway in the US.

Jónsdóttir co-produced a video, released by Wikileaks, showing United States soldiers shooting civilians in Baghdad from a helicopter.

She said that already the US Department of Justice (DoJ) tried to hack by legal means into her social media accounts without her knowledge.

Unfortunately Twitter’s legal team managed to unseal the DoJ’s secret document and provide  a chance to defend personal information in court from being used in a dragnet – for the first serious attacks on Wikileaks’ supporters and volunteers.

The speaker of the Icelandic parliament raised the issue at the International Parliamentarian Union (IPU) last year which backed her.

It said that it was concerned that the national and international legal framework concerning the use of electronic media, including social media, was not enough to provide sufficient guarantees to ensure respect for freedom of expression, access to information and the right to privacy.

Jónsdóttir has parliamentary immunity under Icelandic law when she carries out political activity. The US clearly ignored that.

She thinks that it is proof that Julian Assange is clearly not overreacting to his fear of possible extradition to the US.

She said that the fact that that her Twitter information sought was clearly material to establishing key facts related to an ongoing investigation.

During a second meeting at the Icelandic State Department to discuss my Twitter case Jónsdóttir got a message from the newly appointed US Ambassador Luis E Arreaga.

Ambassador Arreaga had been instructed by the US Department of Justice to tell Jónsdóttir that if she ever popped over to the land of the Free, the border agents would not get out their rubber hoses. She would not have to face an involuntary interrogation.

However the Icelandic State Department strongly advised her against travelling to the US, the Guardian reports.

Shortly after that her lawyers spotted at least two sealed grand jury documents relating to her when requesting access to all documents pertaining to her case.

The ironically acronymed WTF (the CIA’s WikiLeaks Task Force) has been building a case against Assange and others from Wikileaks for two years, she said.

There is no doubt that the US wants to get even with Wikileaks and Assange has every reason to worry about being extradited to the US, be it from Britain or Sweden, or any country that cannot or will not give him a guarantee against extradition.

She said the best possible answer to the current situation is for Sweden to provide similar guarantees.