ICANN reassures the world+dog after system SNAFU

Internet registry body ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, will have convinced registrars that THEYCANN’t, as it was forced to delay the registration deadline for new generic top level domains.

Today was supposed to have been the deadline to get submissions in, but ICANN has had to push the date back to 20 April. It has cited technical problems.

According to TechWeekEurope, the ICANN technical team has been tinkering with its systems to resolve a problem in the TLD Application System. A spokesperson confirmed to TechWeekEurope that it has now been fixed.

The spokesperson denied that there had been a cyber attack of any sort.

According to ICANN, the deadline extension allows applicants the full set of time and care they would have had, if the systems hadn’t been switched off for repairs and testing. In a statement, ICANN said that there was a report of “unusual behaviour” with the TAS system.

TechWeekEurope reports ICANN has extended the deadline until midnight on Friday 20 April to get their applications up to scratch. It will then publish the results on 30 April. Slowpokes will potentially have another ten years to wait before they can get their hands on a new batch of generic top level domains.

Here’s the full report over on TechWeekEurope.