IBM and Prince Charles collaborate on sustainability forum

IBM has teamed up with His Royal Highness The Dashing Young Prince Charles to launch a mass-online forum tomorrow, aimed at sparking sustainability initiatives for the future of business.

Unlike the congestion charge software which hosted a Traffic Jam event, IBM’s software will be used to host the Start Jam event which will work with “senior decision makers” from a variety of firms including Citigroup, DEFRA, The Met Office, and Marks and Sparks to discuss the “next generation of sustainable business strategies” that will offer benefits to business as well as the environment.

Data analysis software will be provided during and after the event to identify and analyse the most interesting topics and provide a post-event report, which organisers hope will form a blueprint to implement sustainability in their business plans. There’s also a chance it’ll be rehashed into press releases which claims a certain percent of something agrees with a certain idea it wants promoting.

According to Charlie, crowdsourcing is one of the ways of generating ideas of sharing the problem faced by moving towards a more sustainable environment.

The six forums will invite participants to debate ideas and actions to inspire change, including how greater collaboration can be achieved between businesses to meet sustainability targets, how the “thought leaders” can drive a cultural change in sustainability attitudes and how to use analytic tools to draw conclusions from the increasing data on the subject.

Stephen Leonard, IBM’s UK and Ireland CEO, says that to achieve greater sustainability a more overarching approach is needed, which must be “balanced across the social and economic aspects of society as well as environmental”, stating that the Start Jam will bring UK business leaders together to “create a shared vision”.

The event is a 24 hour online forum running from 8am tomorrow until 5pm on Wednesday 7th and appears to be a continuation of the work done at the IBM Summit at Start, a nine day event held last September which also sought to promote sustainable living.

Also involved will be the WWF, B&Q, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Global Action Plan, Business in the Community and Kingfisher which won’t be providing sustainable beers.