Hugo Chavez tweets for socialist paradise from Cuban hospital bed

You would have thought Twitter would be despised among the world’s dictators.

Just when they thought life was pretty sweet with millions of oppressed plebs at their feet, pesky social media came along. Suddenly people realising that it’s a lot easier to organise themselves than before.

You could be forgiven for thinking dictators would look on the websites with some contempt.

But Twitter-mad Hugo Chavez is decision-making for his socialist paradise, from his hospital bed in Cuba. 

Doing nothing to disprove the theory that being a one party ruler isn’t just fun, fun, fun, he has spent most of the time praising plans for a new park and cheering on the national football team.

He did however knuckle down and approve cash for a Caracas rubbish collection at one point .

“Bolívar Park is a true gift of the Bolívarian Revolution for our beautiful Caracas!!” he tweeted from his @chavezcandanga account.

He even had time to say hi to the head of state of Mexico, Felipe Calderon.”Hey President Calderón, my friend, I thank you for your good wishes.”

Only time will tell if he can get Mugabe to finally give him an invite for Google+.