HP launches antisocial network

What better way to prove that geeks do have social skills than to launch their very own social notworking site?

48Upper is being presented as a ‘revolution’, and it has a manifesto to match. “We have lived with the stereotype of being uncaring, introverted, pessimistic loners for too long,” it reads.

“IT professionals are social creatures. While some are shy, we are overwhelmingly extroverts, who thrive in high-stress environments. We are open-minded and actively participate collaboratively with others.”

The way they’re going to prove how extroverted and social they are is to build up a library of technical information and photos of the IT department Christmas party.

It can be accessed through query-based data mining applications and delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS) to inspire envy and awe and pull girls.

Those who post the information will have various privacy controls – so expect all sorts of fun as they get breached or badly used, and company secrets and pictures of butts are broadcast to the competition.

The site includes unified messaging, video and voice applications. There are virtual rooms for secure document sharing and online meetings, and others for hardcore sex. Probably.

You can sign up for the beta, here.